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    We are proud to announce that Young Henrys Brewery will be joining Meet Me in the Middle Team at Barangaroo on March 26 2017. Partnering with a brand such as Young Henrys means that our participants will not only be seeing the most beautiful parts of Sydney on their walk they will also get to taste the best of Sydney!

    Below is a little bio on our new partners.

    Like most good stories, ours started over a beer. Meeting on opposite sides of the bar, Richard Adamson and Oscar McMahon got talking over their love of beer and music, also discovering they shared a view that the Australian beer scene was behind the times – that it should be more adventurous, innovative and fun. With Richard’s brewer experience, and Oscar’s hospitality expertise, they decided they should do more than talk.

    In 2012, after a long search for a permanent home, Young Henrys Brewery was officially born in Newtown. With a few friends and a small brew kit, they set about ensuring no local would ever go thirsty again! Now in 2016, the brewery is growing at break-neck speed, with a bustling tasting bar and servicing hundreds of local and national watering holes. Young Henrys has most recently incorporated a distillery into the family, with their gold medal winning Noble Cut gin and more hand crafted spirits to be released soon. 

    Young Henrys stands behind an unwavering vision to create beer and gin loved by their local communities and like-minded mates around Australia are proud to call their own. By keeping things local, reducing environmental impact, and collaborating with likeminded, passionate, creative people, Young Henrys helps turn up the volume on diverse (sometime smaller) voices in our community.

    Young Henrys - Oscar Beer 2