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    Sydney get ready to meet a new event for fitness and foodie lovers


    Sydney get ready to meet a new event for fitness and foodie lovers

    10kms of breathtaking scenery to a gourmet finish

    Are you a keen walker and fitness lover? Do you think of yourself as a bit of a foodie?  Then get ready because on Sunday, 26 March 2017, Meet me in the Middle  will be taking over the streets of Sydney in a burst of colour, fun and excitement!

    Created by Walking Events Worldwide, Meet me in the Middle  is a new event that brings people’s love of fitness and food together. Welcome to a 10k walk done a different way –with  a picnic market at the end! Now, how appetising does that sound?

    So let’s break it down, what makes Meet me in the Middle unique? For starters, it doesn’t have one start line, it has four. Yes, there will be four start lines located in Sydney’s north, south east and west and participants can choose the start location that is most convenient for them. This is great for friends and family that don’t live in the same area – they choose the location that’s closest to them to start and then meet their friends and family at the picnic market or in the Middle!

    And where are the four start points? In Sydney’s north the route starts at Waverton Park, the east route starts at Steyne Park in Double Bay, the south route starts at Sydney Park, Alexandria and the west route starts at King George Park, Rozelle. All the routes weave through some of Sydney’s most picturesque walkways, parkways and streets, and there a views of some of Sydney’s most iconic landmarks as well, including the Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Anzac Bridge and Botanic Gardens.

    And what about the finish line? Well, that’s where the fun really goes up a gear! All the 10km routes converge onto the shores of Sydney Harbour at the spectacular Barangaroo Reserve where participants will join the picnic market – an Australian first! Yes, that’s right, what better way to celebrate a 10km walk than partaking in some gorgeous gourmet food, boutique wine and craft beer?

    The picnic market has several options to choose from that will satisfy a myriad of tastebuds! For starters there will be stalls filled with gourmet delights including cheeses, cured meats, artisan breads, boutique wines and craft beer to select from to create your ultimate picnic spread. For those that prefer to have a picnic hamper packed and waiting for them at the finish line, there’s that option as well. During registration, participants will be able to pre-order picnic baskets which will be ready for collection at the finish line, so all they have to do is find a spot on the grass and lay out their picnic blanket. Participants can also bring a packed lunch if they desire, it’s completely up to them!

    So what else happens at the finish line? Lots and lots! The picnic market is open to everyone, even if they didn’t take part in the 10km walk. Participants can invite their families and friends along to join in the fun, hang out and feast. There will also be music, celebrating local artists, to add to the chill out vibe of the day.

    Co-founder of Walking Event Worldwide, Ross Wall said: Co-founder of Walking Event Worldwide, Ross Wall said:  “Meet me in the Middle is a 10k, done in a whole new way. With most running or walking events when you finish, you finish. But with Meet me in the Middle the finish of the walk, it’s time for our Picnic Market and the day carries on. Being active is so important to our everyday lifestyle and we are also such a foodie culture, that we wanted to create something that brings those two worlds together. This event is not about the fastest or the quickest time, it’s about bringing friends and family together, enjoying a day out doing something good for the body and feeding the soul.”

    This all sounds great, where to I sign up? Registration for Meet me in the Middle will open later this year. Sign up for our newsletter at www.meetmeinthemiddle.com and receive updates on how to register, early bird rates and other important info. Pricing for the event will start from $55 for adult tickets and there will be discount Family and Child ticket option also available.

    CONTACT: media@meetmeinthemiddle.com / 02 9521 8269